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The Columbarium 5/2017

The Columbarium

     Our church Columbarium is located in the midst of a garden of memories. The stone structure contains 50 niches with granite fronts. Each niche accommodates up to two custom sheet bronze urns, and each granite niche front will have an inscription containing the name(s) of the deceased, along with year of birth and year of death

     Members of First United Methodist Church of Gilford, former members, members of their families, and residents of Wesley Woods may purchase niches and reserve them until their time of need. The price of each niche is $1,500. Five hundred dollars of each purchase may be considered a tax deductible charitable contribution and will be held in an endowment fund, with the earnings used for perpetual care. Persons interested in purchasing a niche may obtain an Application Packet from the church office. For more information, contact Paul Wes- ton (279-5638), or Pastor Tom.


Memorial Bricks

     Surrounding the Columbarium is a patio of pavers then a ring of arbor vitae and other plantings designed to decorate and add privacy. Between the patio pavers and the arbor vitae is a space reserved for Memorial Bricks. Deceased church members and friends, whose re- mains are buried elsewhere, may be memorialized in our Garden of Memories with an en- graved Memorial Brick. The area is covered with bark mulch and is on all four sides. The bricks are 4x8x2 inches. The Columbarium committee buys the bricks and has them profes- sionally engraved.

You have your choice between two setups of engraving; one memorializes a person, the inscription includes the name and birth/death year. The second carries the name of a cou- ple memorialized, with the two names. If you are interested in a Memory Brick you need to fill out a form that can be found in the Fellowship Hall. There are two forms, one for an individual the other for a couple memorialized. The cost for the engraved brick is $150. Your payment is considered as a charitable gift to the church so it is tax deductible. When your brick arrives, you will be notified and invited to place the brick yourself (if you prefer) into the established pattern. Either of the forms can be obtained via email or postal mail by emailing David Witham at or calling 286-9590 or 455-7109. Also contact David if you have questions. 

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