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New Boiler Vs. Frigid Temperature in January

    Many of you were aware that the temperature in the Sanctuary was low on two Sundays in January, many wore coats. On the first Sunday-the 14th, the lower part of the boiler room dropped way below freezing. This never happened with the old boiler, it gave up enough wasted heat to superheat the whole boiler room. We anticipated that high effciency gas boilers would make for a cooler boiler room. Designed and installed in the boiler room is a room heater that uses boiler hot water and a fan. We all know that fire needs oxygen and the old boiler sat in a drafty boiler room so it had lots of air.
    The new system uses two 5" pipes that draw air for combustion, for each of the new boilers; these are the two tall pipes on the roof on the boiler room. Also on the roof are two shorter 5" pipes to vent (exhaust) waste gases from the boilers, these are the source of the white smoke you see being vented. So on January 14th, the very cold outside temperatures overcame the heater and froze the system that drains water from the boiler and caused the system to shut down on Saturday the 13th. Water is a by-product of gas furnace combus on and must be drained. How do we prevent this from happening again? We make the boiler room more air tight and maybe add a baseboard heater. That means a new outside door without a grate that admits combus on air. We will also have a low temperature alarm in-stalled in the fire alarm system so that someone is called.
  The second Sunday was the 21st and the cause of the cold Sanctuary was simple. Someone pushed the lower right hand btton on the thermostat in the Sanctuary and changed demand from heat to air conditioning, a system we do not have. In the green screen just above the btton it will read and supply either heat or nothing. Please do not push this btton as the thermostat is programmed to start the heat cycle well before church on Sunday. Please talk to David Witham if you have questions.

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