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Health Ministries 2017

Health Ministries 2017

    “The Mission of the Health Ministries Team is to serve humanity and spread God’s love by im- proving the physical, mental and spiritual health of those in our First United Methodist Church of Gilford/Laconia community and the community at large.”

 Blood Pressure Clinics: The Blood Pressure Clinic continues on the 4th Sun- day of the month. Come in get your pressure checked. Kathy can also check your weight and answer questions that you may have.
    Visitation: The visitation team has continued but was not as organized as it had been. This is being worked on especially for the New Year.
    Activities: Health Ministries has sponsored several outside activities this past winter and spring; the “Let’s Get Outside”, and then the “Vitamin N (N for nature)” walks this spring. There was a Daniel Plan class this past winter as well.
    Resources: Kathy has continued to add to the resources available in the library. These books are on the shelves near the closet in the library. There are books on diet, exercise, faith, and many health issues. If you would like to take one with you please leave Kathy a note so she knows who has the book. There is also an extensive file of information from many of the agencies in the area. It is Kathy’s goal to make sure she can help refer you to someone who can help you with an issue you may be having.


Kathy Smith would like to thank everyone on the Health Ministries team and all those who have supported her in this mission. Please let her know about your health concerns. If she can’t help you she may know someone who can. This summer Kathy moved her office to her apartment to hopefully help her focus on what needs to be done. She is more than happy to take calls or meet you at the church when the need arises.

October 2017 Heath Ministries

  • Drivers Wanted
    Kathy Smith is trying to put together a list of anyone who is willing to help those who don’t have transportation. There are several ways you can help.
    Bring someone to church on Sunday.
    Bring someone to church for other events.
    Drive for medical appointments, errands, etc.
    When we know who is willing to drive we can match up people by location. Please call or email the church office if you are interested and let us know your preferences. It is also helpful to know if you can help someone who may need a wheelchair to get into a building. We can only serve those who can get in and out of a car on their own but they may have assis- tive devices that need to go in the car. Thank you for your help.
    Nurses Needed
    Kathy Smith is looking for licensed and retired nurses to help with wellness clinics. This is for the church Blood Pressure clinic but she is looking to work outside the church as well. So please contact her to let her know if you are interested.
    Any RN with a current license who would like to know more about Faith Community Nursing and what is involved Kathy would love to talk to you about it as well. Contact her at or call her at 524-1330. Thank you.
    The Coming Season
    Fall is coming fast. The leaves are starting to turn and the air is getting a little crisper. Fall clean up will be upon us soon as well. The leaves need raking, gardens need to be cleaned up and put to bed before the cold temperatures of winter. Remember to stretch before you start raking the leaves or digging up the garden. Yes you’ve been active and working in your yard all summer but raking can be a very difficult task and if you do to it much during the sum- mer you may find that you are using muscles you forgot about. It can also be a great cardio exercise so again be careful and pace yourself.
    Don’t forget that the ticks are still active even as the temperature drops. Continue to protect yourself. Hiking through the woods this time of year is wonderful and beautiful with the color of the leaves. Just remember to drink enough water, wear layers of clothing, watch the weather and be prepared for sudden changes and drop in temperatures. Enjoy the great outdoors and get your Vitamin N (for nature).
    Kathy Smith RN
    Faith Community Nurse

How to Handle Guilt and 
Other Caregiving Emotions


Taking care of a loved one with an illness or disability can stir up some complicated emotions. You may have great days when you feel a deep sense of fulfillment and connection. And hard days, filled with guilt, grief, or anger. You might even have conflicting feelings, like love and resentment, at the same time. It can be challenging, and if you don’t pay attention, it’ll wear you down.
No two caregiving experiences are the same. What triggers one person may not be an issue for another. You have your own relationship to your loved one, rich and complex with your shared history. So it’s important to know there’s no formula for what you’ll feel or when. And there are no feelings you “should” or “shouldn’t” have. Emotions just arise whether you want them to or not.

To give the best care you can, it helps to know the kinds of feelings that might come up, how to recognize them, and what you can do to manage them.

What You Might Feel
Many people have these challenging feelings, at least sometimes. And these emotions can show up in different ways, day to day.

Anger and resentment.
From being unappreciated to feeling trapped, caregiving stress can set off your anger. You might lose your temper or blurt out something that you normally wouldn’t.
What you can do: If it happens, forgive yourself. Step away if you need to, or take a few breaths to center yourself.

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Health Ministries Information

Health Ministries Mission Statement

"The Mission of the Health Ministries Team is to serve humanity and spread God's love by improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of those in our First United Methodist Church Gilford/Laconia community and the community at large."

Kathy Smith RN, is the First UMC Faith Community Nurse.

The role of a Faith Community/Parish Nurse is to provide intentional care of the spirit along with expert nursing knowledge to promote wholistic health and prevent or minimize illness.

A Faith Community Nurse is a 
Integrator of Faith and Health, Health Counselor, Health Educator, 

Health Advocate, Liaison, Volunteer Coordinator

Contact Information

Faith Community Nurse, Kathrine Smith RN
Office Hours by Appointment
Nursing Phone Number: 603-524-1330 - Church Office: (603) 524-3289

PO Box 7408, 18 Wesley Way, Gilford, NH 03247

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