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Red, White and Blue Food

From the Parish Nurse:

This week we celebrate Flag Day and we take time to honor the Red, White and Blue! In the produce aisles of grocery stores there are LOTS of fruits and vegetables in those colors and it would be wise to identify some colorful ones never before tasted and try out a few new recipes. We know they are rich in vitamins and minerals and a wholesome diet encompassing half the dinner plate with vegetables/fruit is very beneficial. The other ½ should include meat and some carbohydrate. Remember 5 is fine and 9 is sublime when considering the daily serving of fruits and vegetables.
See the Parish Nurse to assist you with any health related issues.

From the Parish Nurse written by Anne Moran

June is Health Awareness for:

Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness, Scollosis, World Blood donor Day, National Cancer Survivor’s Day, Career Nurse Assistant’s Day 

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Did you know that everyone who has a brain is at risk to develop Alzheimer’s? Alzheimer’s is a fatal disease affecting intellectual abilities and causing memory loss that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed. To find out more, or take the Purple Pledge, please visit:

Scoliosis Awareness Month
Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine affecting about 3% of the population and has no known cause. It is more easily treated when it is

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Prevention for Mosquito/Tick Illnesses

by Kathy Nevins DNP, NP-C, RN
We are coming into the season when there will be flying or crawling creatures sharing our world. For illnesses caused by Mosquitoes and ticks, prevention really is the best medi-cine!
West Nile Virus is primarily transmitted to humans through a mosquito bite. West Nile has a 3-14 day incubation period, and those infected will become symptomatic with a combi-nation of the following: sudden fever onset, lack of appetite, generally not feeling good,

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Moo! Moo!

From the Parish Nurse:

MOO! MOO! The cows are celebrating National Dairy Month!! And so should we by evaluating our intake of dairy products which are so rich in calcium. How important is calcium? VERY!! It is responsible for the strength of our bones. A lack of calcium can lead to osteopenia and later osteoporosis which can lead to fractures (breaks) when suffering a fall or even a casual stress like twisting to open a food container

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April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

CASA of NH trains concerned citizens to advocate for abused and neglected children in the courts. There are children waiting for someone to speak on their behalf. Your common sense, commitment to children, and a contribution of 10-12 hours a month will help ensure a child grows up in a safe, permanent home. To become a CASA/GAL volunteer and help the children in your community, please call 800/626-0622, or apply at

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