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Nutrition: Shopping, Tips, and Simple Meal Ideas

by Joyce Ringleb

▪ Great "staples" are: mixed salad greens, arugula, cherry tomatoes, large tomatoes for sandwiches, cucumbers, red or yellow peppers, carrots, spinach, cauliflower, butternut squash, Brussel sprouts, eggplant, broccoli, purple cabbage, and celery
▪ Bagged and pre-washed romaine lettuce, chopped
▪ Kale, pre-washed in a box
▪ Frozen vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, edamame, mixed vegetables
▪ Frozen veggie "steamers"
▪ Box of Pomi® tomatoes, either chopped or strained (these are salt free and are a great addition to a sauce, soup or chili. Look for them in the canned vegetable aisle or in the "Italian" aisle with the canned tomatoes.)
Helpful Tips
▪ Buy at least 2 different vegetables which you plan to cook so that you will have a vegetable to serve at least 4 nights each week; you can serve salad on the other nights
▪ Make sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, fresh flat leaf parsley, cilantro or basil. Add a "sauce" such as Dijon mustard, spicy Sriracha sauce or pesto with leftover grated carrots, sliced cucumber, or dill

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Hydrate, Even When It's Cold

From the Parish Nurse:

As I write this we have just experienced very frigid temperatures and some snowfall. Surely there will be more of this weather to come. So a review of some basics in safety seems to be in order. Go out ONLY if necessary and remember to ALWAYS use safety belts when in the car. Before starting out, remove accumulated snow from your car – roof, windows and all around. Maintain safe speeds, refill/maintain the windshield washer fluid levels and maintain adequate space between cars. In the trunk place a box with snacks, water, etc for use if stuck in traffic. Remember, whether in heat or cold our bodies NEED fluids so HYDRATE, HYDRATE on a DAILY basis. A 2 ounce drink is NOT what I mean – full eight ounces at a time.
Please come, have your blood pressure checked and discuss health related issues. The Health Minitries office is open Tuesdays from 9-5. Sometime I may be called out of the office so if you want to be sure I'm there please call 524-1330

From the Parish Nurse written by Anne Moran

Another Year and already February

Some Notes as we go through this New Year
New Year Resolutions
Instead of starting the year with resolutions that you may or may not keep, start thinking about how you can become closer to Jesus in all aspects of your life. Pay attention to the little things that the Lord puts in your path. Something as simple as the beautiful sun-set, or the sparkle of the snow can remind you of God's glory and bring joy to your heart. Re-solve to spend some time on a regular basis in quiet time with the Lord; being in nature, study-ing His word, using devotional books, and reading the Bible. Find out what spiritual gifts you have and see how you can use those gifts. You might say "What does this have to do with my health?" Well if your spirit is right it will help you get through all the other stuff the world throws at you. So in this New Year walk with the Lord daily and see the magnificence of the world He has placed around us.

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Lent Time to Reflect on Your Total Health

From the Parish Nurse:

The Lenten season begins this week and what better way to usher in the season than to reflect on our relationship with the Lord. And to evaluate if indeed we are doing the best we can in maintaining TOTAL health, to encompass physical, spiritual, emotional and social facets of our life. As we search to make this season more meaningful we may either deny ourselves or actively pursue "good" works. On the "denial" side, giving up cigarettes, excessive use of alcohol, and calorie-laden junk foods will lead to a healthier individual. On the "good works" side, increasing activity, contacting/visiting the homebound, helping needy neighbors are all beneficial to your general well-being. Let this Lenten season your gateway to change that will be instrumental in your achieving a balance of mind, body and spirit. The Health Minitries office is open Tuesdays from 9-5. Sometime I may be called out of the office so if you want to be sure I'm there please call 524-1330. I am here to serve your health realted needs. 

From the Parish Nurse written by Anne Moran

Faith Community Nurse/Health Ministries information

Health Ministries Mission Statement

"The Mission of the Health Ministries Team is to serve humanity and spread God's love by improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of those in our First United Methodist Church Gilford/Laconia community and the community at large."

Kathy Smith RN, is the FUMC Faith Community Nurse.

The role of a Faith Community/Parish Nurse is to provide intentional care of the spirit along with expert nursing knowledge to promote wholistic health and prevent or minimize illness.

A Faith Community Nurse is a

Integrator of Faith and Health
Health Counselor
Health Educator
Health Advocate
Volunteer Coordinator

Kathy Smith RN is the FUMC Faith Community Nurse/Parish Nurse. The Health Ministries office is in the Library across from the church office. Kathy will be in and out of the office on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, so if you want to be sure to see her please call for an appointment. You can reach Kathy at 603-524-1330 which is a private line at the church or by email at

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