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10 Flu Myths

Protect Yourself From the Flu

Time for your Flu shot; you don't even have to see your doctor. Get your shot at your local pharmacy, or your work place may even provide them. I've reprinted the following article from the Harvard Medical School Publications web site.

10 Flu Myths

If you've ever had the flu, you know how sick you can be. Chances are good that some of the advice friends and family gave you about avoiding or dealing with the flu was wrong. There seems to be no shortage of misinformation and bad advice when it comes to dealing with the flu. Here are 10 common myths about the flu.
You can catch the flu from the vaccine. The vaccine is made from an inactive virus that can't trans-mit infection. So people who get sick after receiving a flu vaccination were going to get sick anyway. It takes a week or two to get protection from the vaccine. But people assume that because they got sick after getting the vaccine, the shot caused their illness.

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Summer 2014

Every 4th Sunday Blood Pressure Clinic,

In the Fellowship Hall during coffee hour. Come and get checked out even if you've seen the doctor this year it never hurts to get your Blood Pressure checked on a regular basis.

Stay Healthy this Summer

Spring is here and summer is coming. Time to get supplies to protect yourself as you enjoy the great outdoors. This year it is predicted to be a bad year for ticks. So remem- ber to do a full body check after being outside. If you have been bitten, and especially if you get a rash, call your doctor. There are good treatments if done early. If you use re- pellent it must have DEET and the safest way to apply it is to shoes socks and clothing.
Remember to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun. Use a high number sun block and apply it often.

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April 2014 Notes

Every 4th Sunday – Blood Pressure Clinic, Fellowship Hall during coffee hour. Come and get checked out even if you've see the doctor this year it never hurts to get your Blood Pressure checked on a regular basis.

Office hours: April 3rd from 12:00 noon – 3:00 PM (the first Thursday of the month). Now that I have a set schedule at work I'm going to set some time aside to have office hours at the church on a regular basis. If you want to learn more about the Health Ministries program or have something you want to talk to me about come by I will be in the Library. Remember that anything we talk about is confidential.

The Daniel Plan groups are up and running, the 40 day plan will be completed the week before Easter, though I think that the small groups will continue in some form. I'm writing after the first week and I know there has been some success with weight loss already.

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Spring is Here Enjoy!

It's hard to believe that May is upon us. April was so busy with Holy Week celebrations of joy and excitement of Palm Sunday, to the realization of the cross on Maundy Thursday and then again to Joy and Excitement of Easter!
     As we go into late spring and summer let us remember our spiritual life is part of our physical life. How we treat our bodies is a reflection of how much the good Lord is part of our daily living. This is something 14 members and friends learned in the Daniel Plan Studies last month. We are having the final get together for this group the first week of May. Some of the members will continue to meet and support each other in their faith and wellness journey. Another afternoon group will be starting sometime in May. Please watch for the details in the newsletter and on the website. I may start another group in the evening. If you are inter- ested, let me know. If you would like more info about the Daniel Plan, talk to me or check out their website

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Spring is Coming

Spring is coming although not fast enough for most of us. Remember as the thaw starts to watch for those hidden ice patches and pot holes. 

January and February were very busy months getting thing organized and starting to plan programs. The blood pressure clinics are continuing every 4th Sunday of the month. So come and get checked out even if you have seen your doctor recently it never hurts to check it between visits.

I also visited and called several people, which was a blessing to me. It's always great to get to know people on a one to one basis and if I can offer my services as Parish Nurse all the better. So if you would like a visit or have any questions about health or my services don't hesitate to call or email me.

The health survey showed that quite a few people are interested in lowering their weight and increasing their fitness. I've come across a wonderful plan to help in both areas' plus more. The commission of a Parish Nurse is to help my congregation and community at large stay healthy in Mind Body and Soul. This plan does just that. We have 3 groups meeting, if you think you'd like to join us it's not to late. Some of our members are already seeing results. We are meeting Monday and Wednesday at 6pm in the church library and Tuesday at noon in the Wesley Woods community room. 

Now that I'm working a part time job, I will have most Thursday's off. I'm thinking of having a couple of hours for office time so anyone who would like to see me for any reason I'll be available. Look for announcements for times coming soon. 

I hope you have a wonderful March and at this time of Lent it is a good time to get you Whole life in better shape.



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