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Not to Much White in Your Food

From the Parish Nurse

As we proudly wave our flags of red, white and blue in celebration of the 4th of July and of our independence, my thoughts turn to the importance of the colors red and blue in our diets and the relative unimportance of the white. Fruits and vegetables of the various hues of red and blue are full of antioxidants, are extremely healthy for you while white can almost be synonymous with carbohydrates which are the least important in the scheme of smart diets. Again, I stress the goal of 5 to 9 servings of vegetables and/or fruit on a daily basis. Looking at a dinner plate, ½ should be filled with veggies and fruits, ¼ with protein (fish or meat) and the other ¼ with carbohydrate. And dinner plates are manufactured in larger sizes so it may be smart to look at an older set of dishes or utilize the salad/bread plate in a newer set in order to put the size in perspective.

See the Parish Nurse to assist you with any health related issues.

From the Parish Nurse written by Anne Moran

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