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Spark Your Dorment Brain Cells

From the Parish Nurse:

The saying "What you don't use, you lose" has a direct meaning for each and everyone of us. Repetitive, routine actions and activities utilize the same nerve pathways and brain cells over and over again leaving many others neglected and unused. Time to remedy this situation and to stimulate different brain cells by following easy steps that can be helpful. For everyday routine tasks such as brushing teeth, combing hair, bathing and dressing, try varying the routine by using your non-dominant hand or completing tasks in reverse. If driving, vary your route and make some opposite direction turns. Try walking backward after making sure the coast is clear – just a short distance is beneficial. Consciously alter the pattern of daily activities – it will feel awkward but you and your brain will benefit.
Come visit the Parish Nurse to help you answer your health related questions.

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