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Vitamin N

Vitamin N (N is for Nature) is a “simple treatment for improving physical and mental health, for stimulating learning, creativity, and a sense of being fully alive; defi- nitely not a panacea, but an appropriate elixir in the age of nature-deficit disorder. .” According to Richard Louv’s book Vitamin N: The Essential Guide to a Nature-Rich Life
What is Vitamin N Deficit Disorder?

  According to Richard Louv, Vitamin N is “an antidote to nature-deficit disorder, which is not a medical diagnosis (though perhaps it should be), but a metaphor for the price paid, particularly by children, for our societal disconnect from the natural world.”
“For decades, people who worked directly with children and families in natural settings have been making the common sense case for nature’s benefits. Today, they’re bolstered by more science, and by a fast-growing new nature movement.
“I should note that though most of the early studies were correlative, they pointed in the same direction – a rare occurrence for any emerging body of research. Many subsequent studies, some of them extensive and longitudinal, have underscored the earlier findings. Yes, we need more research, including studies that will show how nature experiences can best be applied. But as Howard Frumkin, dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Washington, has said, ‘We know enough to act.’“
Vitamin N is not just for children, everyone of every age can benefit by getting out in nature. It helps the body, mind and spirit. To be out in God’s creation is one of the best medi- cines. Even if you can’t get outside by yourself, get some help so you can.
Here is the prescription Richard Louv stated in his book.
  DIRECTIONS: Use daily, outdoors in nature. Go on a nature walk, watch birds, and observe trees. Practice respectful outdoor behavior in solitude or take a walk with friends and family. REFILLS: Unlimited. EXPIRES: Never.
So within our Health Ministry, I am going to give that same prescription and from now on all outdoor activities will be called Vitamin N Time!
  The first and third Friday currently known as “Get Out and Play” will now be call Vitamin N Time. We will still meet on those days so look for what activities are coming up in the bulletin, Face Book, our Web Page and on line Calendar.
  So get outside! Watch the birds, look at the sky, take a walk, it’s good for what ails you.
  Also, the 4th Sunday each month there will be a blood pressure clinic in the Library.
Kathy Smith
First UMC Faith Community Nurse

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