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Model for Healthy Living Week 4

Model for Healthy Living
Week 4
This model was developed by 
the Church Health Center Wellness Education.


Friends & Family

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit were the very first relationship. Even God exists in community. Coping with life is sometimes hard, but friends and family make it easier. You can give and receive support through the relationships in your life.


Now What?

Creating Your Wellness Vision

If you don’t have a clear idea of what your wellness vision is, think about what has been presented these last four weeks. Think of three words to describe your thoughts about your wellness. and three words to describe some actions you want to pursue. Use these words to help you write a Wellness Visions.


Goal Setting


  • Questions to Consider
  • Why do I want to improve?
    What are my strengths?
    What gets in my way?
    How do I overcome them?
  • No matter where you are in the different areas of your life, there is always room for improvement. It doesn’t have to be something huge. Our health wellness is in a constant state of change. Use goal-setting as a way to make that change a positive one.

Faith – 3 John 2

How can you connect your faith life to your overall wellness on a daily basis?

    Give Generously of time or resources.

Movement – John 5:8-9

In what ways would you like to be able to move more freely?

    How might more movement in your life make you feel closer to God?
 Learn more about the benefits of movement.

Medical – Jeremiah 8:22

What attitude do you have that might get in the way of accepting care?

    Can you ask and accept help when needed?

Work – Ruth 2:12

Other than employment, how do you apply your skills, talents, and gifts to various roles in your life?

    Identify the next step in a larger work-related goal.

Emotional – Isaiah 26:3

In what ways has God shown you peace in times of distress?

    Identify significant changes you may need to make in order to reduce stress, such as in work or relationships.

Nutrition – John 6:11

In what ways does the Bible show us that healthy food is a gift from God?

    Gather a group of friends and prepare a healthy meal together.

Family & Friends – Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Share ideas about other stories from the Bible that show friends and family lifting each other up toward wellness.

    Resolve to reduce multitasking to be more fully present in you relationships.

From Model for Healthy Living Introduction with Reflections 
 Copywite 2014 Church Health Center, Inc. Memphis, TN. Model for Healthy Living


If you need help in any of these area’s please come see me. Let me help you help yourself as you seek balance in your whole life. 
Kathy Smith RN.
Faith Community Nurse 
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