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Model for Healthy Living Week 3

Model for Healthy Living Week 3

This model was developed by 
the Church Health Center Wellness Education.

This insert has information and questions for you to think about in order to improve the balance in your life thus improving your health.



We were made to work, and the value of work is intrinsic. You can appreciate the skills, talents, and gifts you bring to your work roles and activities, whatever they are. There are many roles we all fill outside of our jobs. You may be a parent, child, church member, or volunteer. As you serve in various capacities, you can find meaning for your life while you serve God and others.



In many ways, your emotions are the gule that holds the other components together. It’s where your perspective on other areas comes from. It’s important to know what makes you happy and fulfilled and what makes you stressed or sad. It’s pretty easy to turn to unhealthy habits in response to difficulties in our lives.

Through understanding your feelings and emotional needs, you can make changes to take better care of yourself and manage stress in healthier ways.



Good nutrition builds strong bodies that can lead to being whole people better connected to God. What you eat matters. Whatever your eating habits or available foods are now, you can increase your understanding of how food affects your overall well-being, learn to make smart food choices, and develop healthy eating habits.


Faith – 3 John 2

When life gets hard, in what ways can a congregation provide support to an individual’s faith?

    How do you worship God alone or with others.

Movement – John 5:8-9

What are some ways people might respond to the hope Jesus brings in the ways they use their bodies?

    Ask friends to exercise together.

Medical – Jeremiah 8:22

What qualities do you consider most important in medical care? In a physician?

    Learn more about chronic conditions and what you can do to care for yourself.

Work – Ruth 2:12

Who has helped you to discover and develop your skills, talents, and gifts?

    How can you show resourcefulness to make a difference?

Emotional – Isaiah 26:3

How can understanding the source of emotional stress lead to change in the way you respond to it?

    Create a list of music that helps to calm you and make sure you have it handy for listening.

Nutrition – John 6:11

Name some other stories in the Bible about food and discuss how they teach healthy attitudes toward food. 

    Keep a food diary and share it with an accountability partner.

Family & Friends – Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

What affect do your friends and family have on your wellness habits?
 Assess the amount of time you spend nurturing relationships you value.
From Model for Healthy Living Introduction with Reflections 
 Copywite 2014 Church Health Center, Inc. Memphis, TNModel for Healthy Living

From Model for Healthy Living Introduction with Reflections 
 Copywite 2014 Church Health Center, Inc. Memphis, TN. Model for Healthy Living


If you need help in any of these area’s please come see me. Let me help you help yourself as you seek balance in your whole life. 

Kathy Smith RN.
Faith Community Nurse 
by email at or call at 524-1330.

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