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Model for Healthy Living Week 2

Model for Healthy Living
This model was developed by 
the Church Health Center Wellness Education.

This insert has information and questions for you to think about in order to improve the balance in your life thus improving your health.



We have moved a universe away from seeing faith as an important part of health, and it’s time to bring the two back together. Faith traditions vary widely, but at the core, a faith life helps us build a relationship with God, our neighbors, and ourselves. This affirms that we are body and spirit beings created and loved by God. Even if you don’t consider yourself “religious,” you can explore a richer faith life and enjoy the benefits this experience will bring to your overall wellness.



We were created to move. When you consider the way the parts of the body are hinged together and rotate and reach in every direction, it’s easy to see that God means for us to move.

It’s part of how we celebrate our body and spirit connection to God. No matter what your physical activity level is now, you can discover ways to enjoy movement.



You are the expert in your own healthcare. Your doctor is your partner. Yes, doctors have education, training, and experience you don’t have, but you know yourself better than any doctor ever will. When it comes to your medical care, you bring something important to the conversation. You can build a partnership with your healthcare provider that lets you participate in managing your medical care. If you don’t have a doctor right now, the first step is to begin a relationship with one.

Faith – 3 John 2

Think about a time when your faith helped you form a vision for better health.

    What happened in your life at the time?
 Express thankfulness. Ask for help from others or God.

Movement – John 5:8-9

What benefits do you think movement brings to your daily routine?

    Choose a new activity to try.

Medical – Jeremiah 8:22

How do you decide which sources to trust for medical information?

    Get recommendations for finding a doctor. Better understand medications you take regularly.

Work – Ruth 2:12

Share an experience in which your work or volunteering took on a purpose you did not originally expect.

    Take on a new challenge.

Emotional – Isaiah 26:3

In what ways can emotional stress affect your health in other area of your life?

    Arrange to meet a friend to share on the topic of emotional health.

Nutrition – John 6:11

How could improved nutrition improve wellness in other dimensions of your life?

    Measure portion sizes.


Family & Friends – Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

What gifts or qualities do you feel you fring to your relationships?

    Write thank you notes to people who lift you up when you fall down.

From Model for Healthy Living Introduction with Reflections 
 Copywite 2014 Church Health Center, Inc. Memphis, TNModel for Healthy Living


If you need help in any of these area’s please come see me. Let me help you help yourself as you seek balance in your whole life. 


Kathy Smith RN.
Faith Community Nurse 
by email at or call at 524-1330.

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