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Spring is Here Enjoy!

It's hard to believe that May is upon us. April was so busy with Holy Week celebrations of joy and excitement of Palm Sunday, to the realization of the cross on Maundy Thursday and then again to Joy and Excitement of Easter!
     As we go into late spring and summer let us remember our spiritual life is part of our physical life. How we treat our bodies is a reflection of how much the good Lord is part of our daily living. This is something 14 members and friends learned in the Daniel Plan Studies last month. We are having the final get together for this group the first week of May. Some of the members will continue to meet and support each other in their faith and wellness journey. Another afternoon group will be starting sometime in May. Please watch for the details in the newsletter and on the website. I may start another group in the evening. If you are inter- ested, let me know. If you would like more info about the Daniel Plan, talk to me or check out their website


Health Ministries News

The blood pressure clinics will continue the 4th Sunday of the month; come and keep track of this important indicator of your health. It is good to check your blood pressure at dif- ferent times during the day. When you're in the doctor's office it's a whole different story. Also by regular check-ups it gives your doctor a sense of what is really happening from day to day, not just that brief snapshot in the doctor's office.
    Also on the first Thursday each month I will be in the Library from 1-3:00 PM for any- one who would like information concerning health issues, or just to talk. Last month I talked with a gentleman who came into the church for another reason and through our conversation I was able to encourage him to seek further help about an issue he was having that was affect- ing something he loved to do. That alone was worth the time I spent there. Also if you have not been to a doctor in awhile I can do a brief physical assessment which at least will tell you if you should see a doctor now or maybe a little later. I am also here to help with spiritual needs. My mission is the whole body. Sometimes our health issues or other issues in our lives take a toll on our spirit as well. Talking with someone about these issues can sometimes lessen that stress which will also help heal the body.
    Now that the weather is nicer I'd like to start a walking group; this can be on a trail, checking out the sites in another town or city or whatever the group wants to do. If you have any interest, let me know. Walking and doing activities in a group is not only good for the body but good for the soul.

Summer Health REMINDERS:

  •  Sunscreen protects your skin
  •  Sunglasses protect your eyes
  •  Bug repellent keeps away nasty bites but also nasty diseases
  •  Safety equipment for the activity you are participating in protects your body
  •  Hydration with water or non caffeine beverages helps your body against the heat.

    Remember it has been a long cold winter. Most of us did not do much, so take it slow when you first start doing whatever; be it gardening, sports, everyday activities. We get so excited to get out and do what we love, but our bodies are not ready for it. So stretch, take short rests, stay hydrated and enjoy each day.
Let me know if I can help you in some way. Have a wonderful May!!

Kathy Smith RN, Parish Nurse,

FUMC Health Ministries 603-524-1330,

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