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Ongoing Missions

Belknap House

If you have been in church, you have been hearing a lot about the Belknap House. It is a new safe shelter at 200 Court Street that will provide opportunities of education and resources for families with children. They need money to finish purchase of the house and renovate it for families to live in.
Their mission statement: Belknap House's mission is to provide families in Belknap County a safe shelter, especially in cold weather months, when children are especially at risk during homelessness, and to empower families to become self-sufficient and independent by providing opportunities of education and resources available to them.
Families and their children are affected by homelessness every day. Families need a hands-up approach when they are struggling to find housing. Despite the overall economy beginning to recover, the improvements are not breaking through to the lower income populations. The pool of people at risk of homelessness remains high. Homelessness usually occurs because of some unexpected financial burden, such as an illness, a car breaking down or a job layoff. Housing is typically the first monthly expense that is affected.
The church has been collecting money for a matching grant and is happy to help in this massive project. You may donate to the cause by writing a check to the church and putting "Belknap House Shelter" on the memo line. We will see that it gets to them. Belknap House is looking for help in a variety of ways. They may be e-mailed directly at

New Beginnings

New Beginnings, a Safe haven for women and children escaping from an abusive situation, is still collecting diapers, children's clothing and household items like bedding, towels, sponges, dish detergent and paper products. The col-lection tote is in the Narthex.
A financial donation can be made by writing New Beginnings on the memo line of your check and turning it in with your offering.

No More Malaria

No More Malaria is always collecting tennis shoes, flip flops and sandals for adults and children. (No heels or boots please). The collection box is in the Fellowship Hall

Common Pantry

We continue to deliver food weekly to the Food Pantry. Canned or boxed food and pa-per products are always needed. Please put your donations in the box in the Narthex.

Cell Phone Collection

This spring, Safe Havens Interfaith Partnership against Domestic Violence, in conjunction with the New England Annual Conference is once again launching a used cell phone drive in local churches across New England.
The phones are reprogrammed to allow victims of domestic violence and elder abuse to dial 911 in an emergency. Any cell phone and battery can be donated.
A basket will be placed outside Joyce's office to collect the phones which will be taken to An- nual Conference in June. Please spread the word to friends, family and co-workers.

Got Lunch Gilford

The Missions Committee has been asked to help with the Gilford Got Lunch Program for this coming summer 2014. The program is sponsored by the Gilford Youth Center and the Gilford Com- munity Church. The program provides students from the Gilford School District with nutritious lunches during the summer months.
There are over 1,200 students in the Gilford School District and 26% of these children qualify for free or reduced lunches. The committee members work with the Gilford School District to regis- ter families to receive hand -delivered baskets of food each week for the children to have a nutri- tious lunch Monday-Friday during summer months. The estimated goal for 2014 is $13,750 for 125 children or $110 per child.
Here is how we can help. Tax deductible donations of: $110 is 45 lunches for a child for the summer
$ 45 is dairy voucher for a child for the summer
$ 25 is peanut butter and jelly for a child for the summer $ 15 is a loaf of bread for a child for the summer
$ 12 is a box of spaghetti and a jar of pasta sauce for a child for the summer
$ 10 is a jar of mayonnaise or a can of fruit each week for a child for the summer $ 6 is a can of vegetables each week for a child for the summer
$ 5 is canned tuna or chicken for a child for the summer

Or donate food items - oranges, apples bag of carrots, bananas, Sun maid raisins 6pk, canned fruit, Kellogg fun pack cereal, Kraft American dip and cracker, creamy peanut butter.

Or volunteer to shop for "bargains" on food items, organize food items received, pick up food from suppliers and deliver to Gilford Youth Center, deliver baskets to families (you will travel in 2's)
Please give this program your prayerful consideration. Checks should be made payable to Gilford Got Lunch Program and placed in the Missions box outside Joyce's office. Donation box for food items will be placed outside Joyce's office or in Fellowship Hall.
If you have an interest in volunteering please call Lynn Sims @ 366-6319



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