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November 2016

Dear Friends,
At the end of October, we launched our 2016 Stewardship Campaign, which will culmi- nate on Consecration Sunday, November 20. I hope that you will be ready to participate in what I trust will be a time of spiritual enrichment and growth as we discover more and more the joy of generosity in every area of our lives.
When we want to express our love and affection, we often think about how we can give something to the person who is the object of our affection. Sometimes that means a tan- gible gift. Sometimes it is giving of our best thoughts, our time, our energy, ourselves. Our financial support of our church is a reflection of our love for God as well as an expression of our maturity as followers of Jesus and our real priorities in life.
During this time of stewardship emphasis, we will share a narrative budget that ex- plains the categories of ministry funded through the church as well as stories about how those ministries are touching lives in our church and community.
But this effort is much more than presenting what the church needs to continue its mission and ministries. The real motivation for generosity is not the need of the church to re- ceive, but rather our need to give so that we can imitate Jesus and grow in our faith. Extrava- gant generosity of the sort that Jesus embodied is not a matter of affluence or even agree- ment. Extravagant generosity is a matter of the heart.
As we continue our stewardship campaign, my prayer is that each of us will catch the spirit of generosity deep within our hearts, and that we will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in reaching new levels of generous giving and living.
In evergreen love, Pastor Tom

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