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01/2018 Pastor's Message

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ;
    Okay, now what! We have just experienced a month of preparation and festivities, all dedi- cated for one special day. But that day is now over. The presents are no longer under the tree and the tree itself has either been recycled or stuffed into a box in the attic, awaiting its return next year. The season is now over, and life is returning to “normal.”
    Or is it? Perhaps we would not want to continue the rapid pace of activities and movement that comes with the holiday season. And seeing many of us will be paying for Christmas over the next few months, the idea of year-round gift-giving may seem less than appealing.
    But before you close the shutters and hibernate until Easter, try to remember why we went through all we did this past month. It wasn’t to stimulate the economy or to get in as much as we could before winter settled in. Christmas was, and is, all about celebrating God’s intervention in the world, and our lives, to provide us with new life and new hope. God’s love for us is so great that we are given a precious gift to assure us that we are not alone in the world; the saving, transforming presence of Jesus is with us.
    The coming months may not be as frenzied as December. However, the reason why we cele- brate Christmas is not dependent on calendars or weather. Jesus was born to bring peace and goodwill to the world. As we live that goodwill, and share it with our neighbors, we help keep the spirit of Christmas growing throughout our community and world. As we begin a new year together, may the hope and joy of Jesus’ birth renew us in our lives and our mission.
Pastor Jim

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