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05.2018 Pastors Letter

In our own languages, we hear them speaking about God’s deeds of power.
Acts 2.11b

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ;
Welcome to Day One.
    Everything has a beginning – organiza ons, movements, countries. Even our own lives have a star ng point; a place from which everything else develops and grows. Perhaps it was the result of a plan and a dream, or maybe just a sudden inspira on. But everything has to start somewhere.
The church of Jesus Christ has a star ng point as well. However, it did not begin with a con- s tu onal conven on or a selected focus group. There was no elec on of o cers or adop- on of by-laws. In fact, it wasn’t even planned at all.
    As the me came for Jesus to ascend to heaven a er his resurrec on, the original disciples and many other followers wondered what the future would hold for them. They knew that God didn’t bring them this far just to go back to shing and tax collec ng. But what would happen next. As Jesus ascended, he told them simply to be pa ent. When the Holy Spirit comes upon them, they will know it.
    Then it happened. One morning, as they were all together, what seemed like a restorm came upon them. Wind and ame and noise lled the en re place. However, they were not afraid. Nor were they scared when the crowd gathered to see the spectacle. They were so lled with the presence of God’s Spirit, that they experienced a joy that could not be con- tained. They weren’t sure how it happened, or even the exact words they were proclaiming; but even the gathering neighbors could tell that something big was happening right in front of them.
This is the birthday of the church; the day when it all began. Jesus’ transforming grace was celebrated among the family and proclaimed to the world. In fact, because of the joy willing- ly shared that morning, the world would never be the same.
    This is Pentecost. On Sunday, May 20, we too will gather; not to reenact an historical event, but to rekindle the restorm and experience the same joy and vitality that lled our rst sis- ters and brothers. Because this is what the church of Jesus Christ is all about; to experience God’s eternal presence and bring hope and joy to our neighbors. Come and be a part of this new beginning as we live in God’s Spirit.
    Your Servant in Christ
          Pastor Jim

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