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Lots of Thanks

Fourteen church volunteers contributed energy and time during Spring Church-wide Work Day on Friday, May 15th, and subsequent days. Our church volunteers were joined by six students from our local Laconia Christian Academy plus their teacher, carrying out a community service day. Here's a recap of what was accomplished:

    •  Raked a ton of leaves and debris off the rear embankment
    •  Removed leaves and dead issue from the gardens
    •  Spruced up the playground
    •  Cleaned sand off the pavement
    •  Pruned the large spruce tree in the front yard
    •  Removed and stacked winter's fallen limbs for later wood chipping
    •  And.....did you notice the newly sanded and repainted front doors?

The Volunteers were Nick Adel, Carl & Lorraine Gebhardt, Tom Getchell-Lacey, Barbara Mad-den, Sue Shelton, Gail Tapply, Sharon Walden, Paul Weston, Dave Witham, Jack & Shirley Woodward,and Joel & Rachel Young
After the work was done, everyone enjoyed pizza!
We take pride in keeping our church grounds looking attractive and safe. The Trustees do very much appreciate the collective efforts.

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