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What are Mission Shares/Apportioned Funds

What you need to know about where our money goes.

Completing our series of stories about mission shares/apportionments:
We stretch our resources through our distinctly United Methodist apportionment sys- tem of giving that financially underwrites United Methodist Ministry and mission beyond the local church. Apportionments is the term we use to describe the portion that each congrega- tion contributes to the annual conference and general church operating budgets. Apportion- ments are one outward and visible sign of the connection within the UMC. T his type of giving allows us to work toward our goal of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world and, like all giving to the church, is a way of sharing our blessings. Payment in full of these apportionments by local churches and the annual conferences is the first benevolent responsibility of the church.”

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Year-End Giving Suggestions

Year-End Giving Suggestions 

Well, it is December and 2015 is almost history. The end of the year is a good time for re-membering, taking stock, catching up, and giving. Consider these suggestions, one or more of which may work for you. 

Give a “Second Mile” Gift. The end of the year is a splendid time to go the extra mile in recognizing the good work of favorite charities—and especially your church! 

Give to Help People in the Aftermath of Severe Flooding. Thousands of people, especially in the south, are now homeless and it will take months to recover. The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has been there. 100% of your gift to the church, designated for “UMCOR—US Disaster Response” will go directly to help those in need. 

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What are Mission Share's?

Mission Shares/Apportionments
What are They?
We've all heard the term "apportionments" (Mission Shares) but do you know what they are and how that money is used? Why does the our church conference want us to send them nearly $33,000 in 2015? Every United Methodist Church is committed to a share of the monies received by the con-ference. Here is some information taken from the UMC web page that can help you understand.
Together, United Methodists do remarkable ministry around the world. We care for survi-vors recovering from earthquakes and storms; we invest, long term, in vulnerable communities; we implement the most effective solutions to diseases like malaria; we equip the next generation to lead the church and society. In all of this, we share the good news of Jesus Christ.

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Thank You for the Generous Gift!

You may have heard, recently, that our church received a gift of $50,000 from the es-tate of the late Christene Peebles. We certainly are grateful to her for her faithfulness, fore-sight, and generosity. And it was a surprise to receive the gift so soon after her death. That is one of the advantages of a Trust over a Will: no probate and distributions are made without long delays. Another indication that she had received helpful advice and had made some good decisions. Hers is a fine example and is worthy of consideration.
Have you considered naming First United Methodist Church Gilford in your Will or Trust? You can designate your gift to the church for a specific purpose or you can leave it un-designated. And if you designate that it be added to the Endowment Fund, your gift will last forever as it continues to produce income for the church in generations to come. Give it some thought and prayer. Then, if it seems to you like the right thing to do, make an appointment with your attorney. And as you proceed to create a bequest to the church, you may even hear a still small voice within, saying "well done, good and faithful servant." (Matthew 25:21 & 23)
--submitted by the Endowment Committee

Perpetuate Your Annual Gift to the Church

Many of us give generously to the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ through First United Methodist Church of Gilford, and we assume our giving will continue as long as we live. But have you ever considered perpetuating your annual gift beyond your lifetime? You can do that very simply through a bequest.
By naming the church as a beneficiary in your will or trust, for a specific amount to be invested in the Endowment Fund, you can arrange to generate enough annual income to equal or exceed the amount of your present gift. Currently, our Endowment Fund is earning 3.75%.
So, for example, if you give $2,500 a year to the church (plus special offerings, etc), a bequest of $75,000 will produce an annual gift of $2,812—forever! Or, if you give $1,000 an-nually (plus special offerings, etc), a $30,000 bequest will guarantee an annual gift of $1,125—forever! Simply multiply the amount of your annual gift by 30. Then consider a bequest in that amount.
By naming the church in your will or trust, you can maintain your support of the minis-try and mission of Christ in future generations as FUMCG continues to serve the Lakes Region and the world in His Name.

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