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Timber Harvest

The church is blessed with many acres of forested land. As stewards of this land, we have cut trees over the years to provide wood for our parsonage families. Trustees decided that they wish to take a further step in managing our land resources. After four years of plan- ning with a professional forester from New England Forestry Consultants, conducting a survey of our timber resources, and applying for cost sharing financing with a conservation agency NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Services) of the federal government, we are about to undertake a timber harvest.
Accessing the timber involved construction of an access road. The access road branches off the driveway that circles our church, just prior to the driveway up to the parson- age. During recent weeks an excavator operator has created this needed access road into the woods to be used by the trucks hauling the logs, and which terminates at a landing zone to which the trees will be brought after being cut. He has also established a trail system for the skidder operator to bring the cut trees to the landing zone. As of this writing our professional forester Peter Farrell's best estimate for the logger to begin harvesting the timber is the week of Sept. 15th taking into account such factors as the completion of his prior timber contracts, equipment maintenance, and the vagaries of weather.
Information has been disseminated over the many months via a public information ses- sion, the Administrative Council, the Sunday morning Bulletin and the monthly Traveler. We'll continue to keep you posted. Thank you.
The Trustees

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