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Charitable Gifts That Also Benefit You

When Cathy and Richard MacGovern got married, they realized they needed to update their wills. They worked with a lawyer who understood that creating or revising a will is the right time to think about planning your charitable legacy. During the discussion about their estate, they discovered they could make a gift to benefit their favorite charities and also pro- vide them some future income. A charitable gift annuity will offer them regular income during their retirement and is partially tax free for their expected lifetime. Their lawyer then asked Cathy and Richard which charities they might wish to honor. They quickly identified three min- istries: Trinity United Methodist Church in Springfield, MA, the Preachers' Aid Society, and the United Methodist Foundation of New England. Cathy and Richard strongly believe in the con- tinuing future of these three ministries that represent many of their favorite memories, spiri- tual journeys and professional careers.
With guidance from the United Methodist Foundation of New England, they created a gift annuity that ensures their charity choices receive support from their estate. Most impor- tantly, Cathy and Richard celebrate today knowing what they have already accomplished. "We are glad knowing this gift is in place. Now we can explore our options for setting up future
(Used with permission of the United Methodist Foundation of New England. The UMFNE is in partnership with more than 600 United Methodist Churches in New England and provides a wide variety of stewardship resources for churches and members. If you would like informa- tion on establishing a charitable gift annuity, or any other form of deferred charitable giving, call Gary Melville at 1-800-595-4347 ext.103. Or contact Dick Evans from our own Endowment Committee.)

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