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What are Mission Share's?

Mission Shares/Apportionments
What are They?
We've all heard the term "apportionments" (Mission Shares) but do you know what they are and how that money is used? Why does the our church conference want us to send them nearly $33,000 in 2015? Every United Methodist Church is committed to a share of the monies received by the con-ference. Here is some information taken from the UMC web page that can help you understand.
Together, United Methodists do remarkable ministry around the world. We care for survi-vors recovering from earthquakes and storms; we invest, long term, in vulnerable communities; we implement the most effective solutions to diseases like malaria; we equip the next generation to lead the church and society. In all of this, we share the good news of Jesus Christ.

If The United Methodist Church were to reflect the ministry of Jesus in our life together, we'd be doing the things he did: Jesus discipled those who would lead his church, Jesus welcomed those who didn't know his Father, and those who did, Jesus met the physical and spiritual needs of the poor, and Jesus healed the sick
Have you ever wondered if our church is doing those things?
The people of The United Methodist Church are engaging the world by imitating the minis-try of Jesus—and the World Service Fund makes our Christian outreach possible.
The UMC is building leaders, like Jesus did. We're sharing His love with those who hunger for it and shepherding those who've already tasted it. Like Jesus, we're ministering among the poor. And we reflect his healing touch as we battle disease and fight to improve global health, all through the World Service Fund.
Accomplishing Christ's Ministry In The World Today
Because of your giving, the UMC is being the church: Leaders in Africa are being educated and prepared to minster in Jesus' name. Rev. Fred Jackson (89-years-old), in the Upper New York Conference, has started a house church in the extended care facility where he lives. St. Paul's United Methodist Church, in Kensington, Maryland, has committed to making their zip code the first "Hunger Free" zone in America.
Across the country and around the world, the World Service Fund empowers The United Methodist Church to be Christ's body in the world.
Your Giving Changes Lives
Your faithful giving makes the heart-changing and world-transforming ministry of Jesus pos-sible today. Because of your generosity, The United Methodist Church continues to share good news with the world God loves.
Bishop Mary Ann Swenson explained why the World Service Fund is so very vital to the min-istry of the UMC, "It is a way in which neighbor helps neighbor, and it helps Christians reach out all around the world." She continues, "World Service Fund is everything that defines our church. It is the way that we connect together, the way that we become powerful in our response to injustice and to poverty, and to tragedy, and to need."
Make a Difference Today
The needs around us often feel overwhelming. None of us can meet every one. But to-gether, with the help of the World Service Fund, we're sharing God's love with the world.

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